This is Rock, to all old H1 members:

I am unsure what happen with the old forums, but this WordPress software seems to have taken over the old forum index.   The last I checked the old forums seemed dead, so it was no major loss.  We had some crazy times, members passed away, moved on, or went on to bigger things.  I didn’t want the site to end, but as the guy who ran the page, I quit adding content years ago.  I left the site up and running for old members to continue networking but even that stopped.  We’ve grown and moved on, which is all good.

I still have the link available for those that want to see the archives:

I will leave this blog up for those of you who want to network with old H1 members.  You can reply with your email or just drop your little comment whenever you want.

P, you are still my guy.  Never had a fall out, never had a bad moment, never had issues.  I apologize for disappearing behind the scenes but I had kids, got caught up in work, and lost my ambition with the webpage.  You held it down.

Ron, White, Leb, LS, LB, Zero, Sundown, Em Jey, Koach, Stress, Ganjah, Steph, Jade, Ep (RIP), Clockwork (RIP), Show (pfft) – I joke, Lakers (Obama), Fraze, Sinn, Momo, Kry, Headache.  I’ll add more names later, or add your own.  Peace.